In Indian context from ancient times ghee is being considered food for ‘Devas ‘and is the preferred ingredient in Indian cooking to prepare delicacies. In Ayurveda, Ghee is considered to have medicinal properties. Param ghee is made from fresh cream and has an off white granular texture, rich natural aroma and a perfect taste. Param Ghee is nearly free of moisture and does not contain any preservatives, impurities or foreign particles. Param Ghee is Ideal for Cooking, Garnishing and Making Sweets and is widely used as spreads for Rotis and Parathas. Its regular consumption gives immense health benefits because of medicinal properties present in it. Param Ghee is pure and has the essence of divinity in it and so is widely used in religious ceremonies like havans, Pujas etc.


Param Milk is rich, wholesome and balanced diet for all age group family members as it contains all the required nutrients essential for human growth and development. This creamy and tasty milk is pasteurized and homogenized  in state-of-the-art processing plants and pouch packed to make it conveniently available to consumers. Param milk is collected fresh every day and passes through stringent quality tests to make it an ideal hygienic choice for its consumers.

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Param Full Cream Milk is the most popular variety of milk and it is pasteurized in state-of-the-art processing plants and pouch-packed to make it conveniently available to consumers.It is best suited for children of growing age as it supplements bone development.Known for its high Calcium content, Param Premium Creamy Milk helps in boosting immune system. Its high fat content is a great source of energy, which is essential during their growth period

Minimum Fat: 6%, Minimum SNF: 9%

Param Toned Milk is the most hygienic liquid milk available in the market and it is pasteurized in state-of-the-art processing plants and pouch-packed to make it conveniently available to consumers. Due to less Fat content Param Toned Milk helps you keep active and energetic without compromising on taste & nutrition. Vitamin A, on the other hand helps in improving eyesight and Vitamin D helps maintain bone health. Param Toned Milk is a perfect blend of good health and wholesome taste. It’s an ideal choice for people in search of a nutritionally balanced diet that does not compromise on taste

Minimum Fat: 3%, Minimum SNF: 8.5%

Param Double Toned Milk is the most hygienic liquid milk available in the market and it is pasteurized in state-of-the-art processing plants and pouch-packed to make it conveniently available to consumers. Param Double Toned Milk is tasty & nutritious with low fat content and is a dream come true, especially for all calorie conscious people who love the taste of milk but are wary of its cream content. Param Double Toned Milk complements your daily workout perfectly. It is also effective against dehydration and has cooling effect on digestive tract

Minimum Fat: 1.5%, Minimum SNF: 9%

Param pasteurized Skimmed milk is a healthier choice for you and your family as it has the least amount of fat content among all ,milk variants, which makes heart healthy, but has adequate calcium for maintaining your bone mass. Param Skimmed milk is a great, high-protein, low-fat and low-calorie substitute for more sugary beverages like juices and soda. Consuming Skimmed milk will provide around 80 calories per glass of milk thus, this milk can be consumed by people with special needs like diabetics, the overweight and the elderly

Minimum Fat: 0.5%, Minimum SNF: 8.7%

Param Tea Plus Milk is perfect boon for tea and coffee lovers. Param Tea Plus Milk is homogenized completely to break-in the fat globules and the malai gets invariably mixed with the milk to give it a thicker and creamier consistency.Param Tea Plus milk makes your tea and coffee tastier,thicker and enhances the color of the beverage. This milk also is any tea vendor delight because 1 ltr gives then more than 20 cups of tea and thus is economical to them. Get up to a smiling, chirpy and refreshed morning with a cup of tea or coffee made from this unique specially crafted milk for tea and coffee

Minimum Fat: 1.6%, Minimum SNF: 10%

The fat will be minimal, and it's low in saturated fat. Param Cow milk is naturally an excellent source of calcium. It has vitamin D and it has potassium and it's a complete protein source as well.Param Cow Milk is good for the bones because it offers a rich source of calcium, a mineral essential for healthy bones and teeth.

Minimum Fat: 0.5%, Minimum SNF: 8.25%



PARAM Fresh Paneer is rich, smooth and spongy dairy product made by fresh milk by coagulating it and then draining it completely. Untouched by hand PARAM Paneer is good source of calcium which helps in building strong bones to fight against many diseases. Owing to its nutritional advantages you will find PARAM Paneer on the menu of every diet conscious person. Whether it is tossed with fruit, served on a bed of lettuce or blended with salad, PARAM Paneer simply tastes delicious and luscious

PARAM Ultra Paneer has all rich nutrients which is ideal for calorie conscious people. Ultra Paneer is made in hygienic conditions and has great smooth taste as well


PARAM, Fresh Dahi is prepared, keeping in mind the calorific value of milk and temperature considered ideal for curd preparation. PARAM Dahi also uses certified and selected bacterial culture which makes excellent Dahi . The result is high quality, thick, smooth and irresistible curd containing all required nutrients of pasteurized Milk and rich glossy texture, PARAM Fresh Dahi contains all goodness of milk such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc, iodine and vitamins. PARAM Fresh Dahi is hygienically machine packed in cups, pouches as well as reusable plastic tubs free from human intervention.

Maintaining all the essential goodness of Fresh Dahi, PARAM Lite Dahi has lower fat and is associated with better overall diet quality. With goodness of calcium & protein, while being low-fat, PARAM Lite Dahi is a great choice. For health conscious people, PARAM Lite Dahi is the perfect answer because it helps in reducing Calories but it will also ensure that you remain active and stay healthy at all time.

Butter Milk


PARAM Chaach is a yummy Health drink which can be either taken alone or along with meals. PARAM Chaach is produced in very hygienic and clean atmosphere and the high lactic acid produced by bacteria aids health benefits

PARAM Masala Chaach is made from quality curds and is blended with fresh spices and is 100% Natural Protein rich drink


PARAM Flavoured Milk is a delicious drink that refreshes you immediately with goodness of milk. Prepared from pasteurized and homogenized milk, PARAM Blast is sterilized and packed in glass bottles, pet bottles and cans and is a unique blend of exciting flavours and sweetened creamy milk. A great refreshing drink for all times, it tastes best when chilled and can be taken directly on move or at home, parties, picnics etc

PARAM Blast provides the essential nutrients – Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorous, Protein, Vitamins A, D and B12, Riboflavin and Niacin found in white milk with a twist of yummy taste and is a huge favourite of children

Flavored Milk


PARAM Skimmed milk powder is a homogeneous powder manufactured from fresh pasteurised skimmed milk at our ultramodern manufacturing unit using latest technology. It is made by spray drying milk through Disc & Nozzle Atomizing processes to give light cream coloured, lump free skimmed milk powder having pleasant flavour and clean taste. PARAM ensures that protein content in Skimmed Milk Powder is not less than 36%. SMP is then hygienically packed in temper proof HDPE Paper Laminated Bag

Further PARAM also manufactures Skimmed Milk Powder 40- Rasgulla Special Spray dried through Nozzle Atomizing Process


Dairy whitener is generally used in making tea and coffee and is a common replacement of milk because of its desirable creamy flavour as well as the colour it brings to hot beverage or food item. Dairy whitener is made by removing the liquid from the milk and it also contains around 18-20% added sugars. When added to the water no lumps are formed & it gets easily dissolved. PARAM ACTIMILK is a dry blended milk powder with minimum 20% fat, Max 18% added sugar and possesses good whitening ability, feathering resistance, emulsion stability, and is dispensable in nature. It is one of the durable creamy  dairy products and doesn’t needs refrigeration. PARAM ACTIMILK uses milk of the highest quality, sourced from well-looked-after cattle that are fed with the right nutrients. At PARAM, international dairy know-how is used to carefully dry and balance this milk without losing any of its goodness

DAiry Whitener


PARAM Whole milk powder (WMP) is homogenous, free flowing powder obtained by removing water from pasteurized, homogenized whole milk through evaporation and spray drying processes. It possesses all the appealing qualities of milk and, in its dry form, is an important ingredient in the manufacture of a remarkable range of food products. PARAM WMP is reasonably uniform in composition, white- or cream-coloured, free of graininess on reconstitution and free of burnt particles and possesses a sweet, pleasant flavor


Dairy Mix is a fine alternative to liquid for milk and coffee as it enhances the natural taste and aroma of same. PARAM Anand is white or light cream in colour, uniform in composition and free from lumps and scorched particles and is widely used as a substitute for fresh milk, cream or evaporated milk in Tea, Coffee, Cocoa or Drinking Chocolate

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